blue tree monitor for sale usa
blue tree monitor for sale
Baby/Juvenile Blue Tree Monitor - Varanus macraei - Cold Blooded Shop
Baby/Juvenile Blue Tree Monitor - Varanus macraei - Cold Blooded Shop

Juvenile Blue Tree Monitor - Varanus macraei

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Cold Blooded Shop has a Juvenile Blue Tree Monitor - Varanus macraei for Sale!
                    • Scientific Name: Varanus macraei
                    • Captive Bred
                    • Approximately 18 - 20 Inches in length from head to tail
                    • Adults are averaging from 12 - 16 inches in body length without the tail
                      And 30 - 36 inches including the tail
                    • Great for a breeding project or display animal
                    • Care Level: Advanced
                    • Exact Animal for Sale Pictured
                    • Interested in other tree monitor species? Send us an email!

                    Care Information

                    Tank Size

                    Baby / Juvenile:
                    A tall 2x2x2 - 4x2x2 foot enclosure is recommended.

                    Sub-Adult / Adult:
                    A tall 6x4x2 - 8x4x2 foot enclosure is recommended.

                    Tank Temperatures

                    Basking Spot: 110° - 120°F
                    Ambient: 75° - 80°F

                    To achieve this, proper lighting fixtures will be needed. As well as a thermostat.

                    Tank Humidity


                    To achieve this, you will need a humidity gauge, as well as a spray bottle, or you can purchase a mist machine.

                    Animal's Diet

                    Baby / Juvenile:
                    Vitamin dusted small crickets, discoid or dubia roaches, pinky mice, and baby quail.
                    (1 meal everyday)

                    Sub-Adult / Adult:
                    Vitamin dusted adult crickets, discoid/dubia roaches, adult superworms, pinky/fuzzy mice, baby quail, and whole quail eggs.
                    (1 meal a day, twice a week)

                    Substrate & Decor

                    We recommend cypress mulch, coco chips, or even bio-active substrates for the bedding. These monitors need lots of foliage and hides to explore, and a Large or XLarge water bowl.

                    Fun Facts

                    blue tree monitor fun facts common name - cbs

                    Names & Classifications:

                    Scientific Name: Varanus macraei

                    Common Names: Blue Tree Monitor, Blue-spotted Tree Monitor

                    CUSTOMER SERVICE

                    For inquiries, email us at
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