Green Tree Python
Green Tree Python
Green Tree Python
Green Tree Python

Green Tree Python

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Green Tree Python

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Cold Blooded Shop has a beautiful Green Tree Python for sale

  • Scientific Name: Morelia viridis
  • High White Aru locality
  • Imported
  • Female
  • Approximately 3 - 4 feet in length from head to tail and featuring some blue patterns all over the body!
  • Adults can grow up to 4-6 feet in length from head to tail
  • This is a non-venomous snake
  • Exact animal for sale pictured

    Green Tree Python Habitat

    Care Info

    Tank Size

    Baby / Juvenile:
    A tall 12x12x18 - 18x18x24 inch enclosure is recommended.

    Sub-Adult / Adult:
    A tall 18x18x36 - 36x18x36 inch enclosure is recommended.

    Tank Temperatures

    Day: 84° - 88°F
    Night: 78° - 80°F

    To achieve this, proper lighting fixtures will be needed. As well as a thermostat.

    Tank Humidity

    50% - 70%

    To achieve this, you will need a humidity gauge, as well as a spray bottle, or you can purchase a mist machine.

    Animal's Diet

    Baby / Juvenile:
    Feeding on live or frozen thawed pinky-fuzzy mice.
    (1 meal a week)

    Sub-Adult / Adult:
    Feeding on live or frozen thawed Adult - Ex-breeders Mice.
    (1 meal a week)

    Substrate & Decor

    We recommend cypress mulch or coco chips for the bedding. These pythons need lots of branches and foliage. You can even add an arboreal water bowl.

    The Green Tree Python

    Fun Facts

    Names & Classifications:

    Scientific Name: Morelia viridis

    Common Names: Green Tree Python (GTP), and Chondro (which originates from their former genus, "Chondropython")

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