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Adult Ball Python - Python regius

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Cold Blooded Shop has Ball Pythons - Python regius for sale!
  • Scientific Name: Python regius
  • Captive Bred
  • Approximately 3 - 4 Feet In Length
  • Adults Can Grow Up To 4 – 5 Feet
  • This is a non-venomous snake
  • Care Level: Beginner
  • Representative pictures.

    Care Information

    Tank Size

    Baby / Juvenile:
    A long 10-20 gallon tank is recommended.

    Sub-Adult / Adult:
    A long 30 - 40 gallon tank is recommended.

    Tank Temperatures

    Belly heat: 88° - 90°F

    To achieve this, you will need a heating pad with a built-in thermostat.

    Tank Humidity

    50% - 60%

    To achieve this, you will need a humidity gauge, as well as a spray bottle, or you can purchase a mist machine.

    Animal's Diet

    Baby / Juvenile:
    Feeding on live or frozen thawed fuzzy-medium mice.
    (1 meal a week)

    Sub-Adult / Adult:
    Feeding on live or frozen thawed small - medium rats.
    (1 meal a week)

    Substrate & Decor

    We recommend cypress mulch, coco chips, or aspin bedding for the substrate. These pythons need a hide and a water bowl. You can even add a low profile branch for exploring.

    Names & Classifications:

    Scientific Name: Python regius

    Common Names: Ball Python, named after it's tendency to curl into a ball with their heads protected in the center of the coil. Also known as a Royal Python.


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