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Welcome to Coldbloodedshop.com. Operated by Cold Blooded Shop. By entering, accessing, or using our website, www.coldbloodedshop.com, you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions listed below. FAILURE TO READ OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS, WILL UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES BE A REASON TO CONSIDER THEM VOID OR ALTERED.


- All sales are final. We do not offer any refunds or returns. If you need to request a cancellation on an order before it ships to you, we can offer store credit.
- A cancellation fee of 20% will apply to all impulse purchases.
- Deposits on any of our animals or products are non-refundable.
- Sales to minors only with parental approval. Proof of age may be required at our discretion.
- Photos and Representation: Please note that at Cold Blooded Shop the photo of the animals advertised on our website may not be the actual animal available (unless specifically specified). We are always happy to provide our clients with more photos and videos of the animals we have for sale at your request.
- Photos, descriptions, and any other content posted on our website or any 3rd party websites are the exclusive property of Cold Blooded Shop and may not be used or reused without our specific, written permission.

Live Animals

- Live Arrival Guarantee
To qualify for a guarantee, shipping temperatures must be between 35° – 90°F for the safety of the animals.
We can also hold the animal(s) at our facility until temperatures are safe for shipping. In the case where a customer requests shipping to be done outside of the temperatures listed here, the live arrival guarantee is waived.
- Any changes on the part of the customer to the shipment routing will result in voiding our live arrival guarantee.
- We do not guarantee the sex or gender of any animal unless otherwise specified.
- In accordance with FDA regulations, turtles and tortoises less than 4 inches listed here are offered expressly for educational and scientific purposes only. They are not sold for use as pets.
- Please be aware of your state's wildlife laws and regulations. Cold Blooded Shop will not send any shipments in violation of these terms.
- In the rare case of a DOA (DEAD ON ARRIVAL), the customer must notify us immediately. An email with a photo of the animal attached must be provided within an hour of delivery or all guarantees are void.
- Cold Blooded Shop is not responsible for carrier delays or mishandling of shipments resulting in DOA's.
- Animal Health Guarantee
We guarantee a healthy animal on all of our shipments within the proper temperatures. Once the animal arrives alive and healthy, Cold Blooded Shop is not responsible for any future health issues regarding your recent purchase. We are here and always happy to help but we are not responsible for any health or veterinary expenses.
- At Cold Blooded Shop we do offer imported animals for sale. Most imported animals are treated for internal and external parasites at our facility. We do the best we can to go above and beyond with our imports, but we cannot guarantee all imports will not have lingering long-term issues when they get transported to your facility. Having said that, we are always here to help with those issues if they occur, by providing the knowledge that we have learned over the years to share with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns that you have with your animal. At Cold Blooded Shop you don’t just get animals. You get a constant support group that comes with it. We thank you for your continued business and support. Thank you from everyone here at Cold Blooded Shop!

Live Animal Shipping Policy

- We ship Live Animals via FedEx Priority overnight, Monday - Wednesday on all of our live animal shipments. The arrival time will be determined by the tracking information FedEx provides.
- Any changes on the part of the customer to the shipment routing will result in voiding our live arrival guarantee.
- The buyer must be present to receive and sign for packages on the carrier's first attempt or all guarantees are void. If the buyer misses their first delivery attempt, they must immediately contact FedEx to pick up the package at the nearest FedEx center to avoid the risk of DOA (DEAD ON ARRIVAL).
- We do offer to schedule a pickup at our local pet store in Deerfield Beach.
- DO NOT put a PO Box in the address fields. Only US postal trucks can deliver to a PO Box and FedEx will not be able to complete that delivery without an address correction.
- We do not ship or sell venomous reptiles.

How to Contact Us

- Email: info@coldbloodedshop.com
- Phone Number: 954-427-2938
- Mailing Address:
Cold Blooded Shop
3314 West Hillsboro Blvd
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442